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Alternatively the statement should be, why you should be careful choosing the others. Having witnessed firsthand the harsh realities; we have compiled below some truths, facts, and sketchy scenarios. Repairing the damage and mistakes of the companies who self proclaim themselves to be specialists, the largest, and more, Power And Energy Services has provided some great solution to remedy these problems. This will surely have you clicking on the Contact Us link!

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Why We Lead

- Technicians Do Not Get Paid Commissions
Can you believe that most companies pay their technicians a commission or bonus for writing up problems and get paid up to 10% of the quote if you approve it? It's true. The very guy that is supposed to be looking out for your best interests and the equipments best interests is actually making sure his pocket is getting filled with your money. Honesty and integrity is what we require of our technicians and doing their job right is all part of looking out for you. They don't need those type of incentives. We first ran across this in the generator market in Atlanta, GA. When hiring for new technicians we have had some technicians ask if commissions was part of their pay package! We pay our technicians a decent wage and in return they do their job the right way. We measure their success by job performance and how close they are following industry best practices.
If you have a company other than Power And Energy Services maintaining your equipment, not only does their sales force have cross hairs on your money but the technicians do to. As an example we got called to give a quote on a radiator replacement, we found evidence of screw driver scrapes that caused a leak in the cooling fins. We informed them of our findings and was able to fix the leak with solder. This saved this customer $18,900 and saved them from more sabotage from so called specialists. How can you trust what they are suggesting to you? How do you know they are not intentionally causing problems for their direct benefit? You don't. The only way to know it is not going on is for it to publically be put it on record, and that is exactly what we have just did! Others can say millions of things but unless it's in writing as a company policy, don't believe it.
- Technician Responsibility
Responsible technicians is equally important as being knowledgeable and honest. What if you had someone working on your equipment that was not responsible? What ways might that impact you? Let's get something clear, all technicians are not the same. We know this as unfortunately most technicians that apply to work for us do not make it. One of the biggest reasons is responsibility. We have tools in place to ensure our technicians are responsible. A technician who is not responsible is dangerous and over half of the technicians we interview that apply from other competitors fail this test. They can cause issues and try to cover them up or any other imaginable scenarios. It is surprising and a little scary that that there is that amount of unacceptable technicians out there and you better beware. Thankfully you don't have to worry about this problem when you work with us.

- Service Trucks
So your thinking why are service trucks important, right? Sure they allow us to carry everything necessary to your equipment like tools, parts, and maintenance supplies. Think about this, if you have emergency power equipment or you cannot afford to have equipment down; what happens when there is an urgent service request at your site and there is a emergency, disaster, or catastrophe going on around you? No problem you just call your service provider to come out and get your equipment going again, right? What if they can't get to you? Then what? Power And Energy Services is the only company whose fleet is exclusively 4 wheel drive. In fact most companies do not even have 1 four wheel drive vehicle. What good does that do you? During Ice storms, tornado damaged areas and other scenarios like this, we are one of the only ones open for business as we are the only ones that can have our complete fleet on the road navigating over ice, and crawling over fallen debris. You better know who your vendors are and what they can do. Rest assure if you're not working with Power And Energy Services, your emergency plan is not complete and you may end up on the losing end.

- Corporate Field Knowledge
Our corporate leaders get it. Why? Because most of them have done it. Where not a mega bureaucracy that only employs those just because you have business degree. Most of our corporate leaders have actually worked in the field and touched the equipment we service. You may not initially think about how valuable this is, and that's ok. Putting it into perspective, the success of your project, the longevity of your equipment, your own value in your organization, and your money is on the line. When someone in every department in our company has actually done the job our techs are doing for you, that's just that many more people that think about what is going on and can make meaningful contributions to the jobs success.
Our parts department for example has a few team members that has actually done this job before. As they are pulling material for jobs they are actually carrying the job out in their head. They catch things that are needed upfront so when our technician gets to your site they should have everything they need. Alternatively if you have another company working on your equipment, it is highly likely that they will be making an extra trip to the parts store and you will be paying for the trip as well in additional labor. This is just an example of one department stepping up and making sure you're saving money. Maybe that's why others tend to cost more, they have to pay extra for those with knowledge to surround them so they can look like the know what they're doing. Who knows. It's your choice though, although not a tough one to make.

- One source rental and installation
We work with a lot of rental companies and assist them with countless projects. While they are great at providing you equipment and delivery, the one thing that they do not do is install the equipment. They may say they can do it but it will almost always be a subcontractor doing it for them. We actually know how the systems work, such as your entire electrical infrastructure and the proper ways to connect equipment. When you work with us there is one less company to deal with and that's a clear advantage to choosing us for all of your rental needs.

- I don't know
That's something you don't hear dealing with us. Probably because it's in our employee handbook as a policy to never say; or at least don't just leave it at that. If one of our team members truly does not know an answer to your question, it's their job to find out for you. This is what we do for a living and you lean on our knowledge, so asking a counterpart or researching an answer for you is just how it should be. Customer service is a big deal around here.