Upgrade, Modify, Rebuild, & Retrofit Solutions

It's going to happen, whether it be a operational, age, or needs have changed; you're going to probably have to do something in addition to routine maintenance and repairs at some point. This is an area in which we excel. We know your power systems and we know the systems that they integrate with. We are the company that can handle the smallest jobs such as refurbishing a generator enclosure or upgrading controls, to the most complex such as integration of new generator systems to existing paralleling gear or complete switch gear modernization. Your special project needs have always been met at Power And Energy Services with great care and precise execution.

Our team is built of field engineers, manufacturer design and build engineers, and field technicians that have the know how to see any project through from conception to completion. If there is not a market solution to a problem, we pride ourselves in custom designing and building a solution. If there are viable solutions and products, we can provide you with industry knowledge and insight so informed and mission critical decisions can be made.

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Our Solutions & Services

A Sample of what we can do for you:

* Refurbish enclosures, equipment, and controls

* Modernize controls, switchgear, and systsms

* Intergrate new or updated equipment into older systems

* Roll out a fleet upgrade on hundreds or thousands of units

* Thrid party system intergration

* OEM liason and intergrater services

* Concept to completeion and continuing maintenance service

* And a whole lot more.