Safety, Operation, And Inspection Training

Power And Energy Services takes safety and training serious. We want our customers to fully understand their systems from safe operation, to the inherent dangers that come along with these systems. Don't just assume your staff knows these key facts. Sure they have gotten used to doing walk around inspections and maybe even weekly operation, but to empower them with training can:

1. Give them better insights to potential problems that can be caught early.

2. Ensure knowledge of the safe and proper ways to perform inspections of the system being a visual or checking of fluids

3. Gives the owners and managers a piece of mind to know their staff is safe, competent, and can help prevent a failure or a serious injury. Having undocumented training can pose a real legal issue if injuries or catastrophic failures occur.

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Our Services and Solutions

Why choose us for your training? Well here are a couple compelling reasons:

1. We provide a ONSITE solution in addition to a classroom setting to train your team on the equipment that they will interact with every day. What better way to learn about these systems then actaully on your systems! Unfortunatly you need to be aware that there is a company that will lure your team members to come to their facility for $50 bucks or even for free and they get a free lunch, learn a few general things about the systems in general and then mostly hear about the ways they can sell you more services. Your team gains nothing from going to their facility for their seminars; except maybe a free day away from the job. No one wins.

2. We can custom tailor a safety and training program based on material you feel is an added benefit.

3. In addition to a trainer, we can provide an engineer for a more in-depth course and also a technician that actually works on your equipment to provide real world techniques and opinions.


Our training options can be tailored to fit your specific needs. No other company in our industry is yet to match the value we provide our customers.

Here are a few ways we can help:

* Onsite training on your equipment

* Training packages built to your needs, not ours

* Training on safety, safe operation, safe inspections, and more

* Outage simulation training so everyone sees what happens during a power failure and the transition to and from emergency backup power

* And so many more options