Installation Services

If we sell it, maintain it, or simply touch it; you can bet we install it. There is no site or system to complex. One generator and a transfer switch, 20 generators and 3 sets of paralleling and switchgear, 800kw of flywheel UPS systems, 200kw of Fuel Cells, and associated parts such as battery chargers and fuel tanks; it don't matter, we install it all.

The locations that units have been installed at are in basements and roof tops that require extensive rigging. Peak shaving and redundant back up projects requiring 40 megawatts of power. Multi state and multi site install projects. We live and breath this stuff. You can contract with multiple parties or multiple parties that will in turn sub contract the work out to others; or you can deal with one trusted source with the everyday experience and capabilities to keep your project on budget, safe, and completed on time.

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Our Installation Services and Solutions

We can provide assistance through all phases of the project or just pieces as required.

* Needs and integration planning

* Cost analysis

* Solution identification

* Specification writing

* Negotiating

* Site preparation

* Time Line management

* On site engineering and project management

* Downtime minimization

* Permit assistance

* Testing

* Start Up and commissioning

* Acceptance and witness testing

* Training