Rental And Temporary Power Services And Management

Some rental projects require a team that can understand the mission and provide unmatched solutions and services to successfully execute and complete the project. Throughout the United States and Caribbean, Power And Energy Services has completed many projects of diverse requirments.

With the industry experience and knowledge that we have, partnering with us as your vendor of choice gives you the ability to call one company for a streamlined process when coordinating these services with a specialty service provider in conjunction with our standard services. Giving our customers access to one of the most diverse networks of specialty service providers, proves to be invaluable to our customers day after day.


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Our Services and Solutions

A couple brief examples of our capabilities:

1. Planned outages at multiple plants for maintenance of turbines or other equipment. We provide site plans, equipment delivery, placement, set up, tie in, and 24 x 7 manned support. We also handle maintenance, fueling and other tasks to see the project through. We can provide different generator kw sizes around the plant or set up a generator farm of 1 to 120 megawatts. We can provide any size and any quantity to achieve the goals of the project.

2. Peak shaving management for assisting the load of the utility power grid either at the plant, the substation or at specific sites. We provide all necessary controls, fuel systems, cabling, transformers and more.

3. Manage temporary power on islands or at resorts to assure clean reliable power to the customers as well as in the event of planned maintenance or unplanned outages.

4. Provide temporary power at new construction, renovations, and other projects that requires a knowledgeable and competent management team.

5. Unplanned outage assistance and management for when failures occur or the need arises to have a large rental package put together to get power back available.

Some of the assistance our project management and engineering services team can provide:

* Site layout and connection planning

* Load and power requirement assessments

* Equipment and asset sizing and coordinating

* Mobilization and transportation

* Site preparation

* Site set up, construction, and wiring

* Testing of equipment

* Commissioning of equipment to integrate with existing equipment or needs

* Ongoing management, technical support, on site technicians, and coordination of other project needs

* Tear down

* And many more services