Generator Rental

Rental power is a Power And Energy Service specialty. We provide many solutions and services that can achieve any requirement or situation. Partnering with us on your project power requirements opens an abundance of options that can be implemented in a moment's notice.

We can help you with all aspects of renting such as planning, needs assessment, site prep and readiness, connection and tie in, and more. Most rental companies do not offer these services or if they do they dont provide them in house. They may tell you they do and answer yes everytime but they will be subcontracting it out to other vendors, like us. We also offer contingency planning, and other assistance in assuring you know what yoru power needs are.

We offer a Power Guarantee, a Power And Energy Services exclusive. The ability to obtain a rental unit in an emergency is not always an easy and smooth transaction. Sure we have rental units and there are other rental units in the area but what happens when rental inventory is depleted, your kw size is not in stock, or if a disaster strikes. These are realistic situations that can leave you in the dark. Our power guarantee options can give you the piece of mind in knowing that a fully serviced and operational generator is standing by with your name on it at all times.


Your Next Steps

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Our Services and Solutions

A few of the many ways we help:

* Traditional Rental Services- We can fulfill your temporary rental needs.

* Our Generator Customers - We have knowledge of your site and power requirements along with what it takes to connect rental power in the vent of a failure or other need.

* Rental Companies - We provide multiple options such as delivery, hook up, site planning, rental plant management, project management, and other services.

* Large Projects - Rental of multiple megawatt plants or planned outage packages.

* Project management of your rental units and fleet.

* Emergency response and preparedness to disasters, catastrophes, and other situations.

* Many more options.


* 5kw - 2000kw single units

* 3mw - and larger multi unit packages

* Fueled by diesel, natural gas, propane, process gas, methane, and others

* Trailer mounted or skid options

* Medium voltage options such as 4160vac, 12470vac, 13800vac

* Transformers

* Cable and cable ramps

* Distribution equipment