Rental Support Services

Power And Energy Services provides delivery and installation services for our customers and industry partners. Locating and renting the equipment is just the start. If you have a building to tie into or other system that is more complex than plugging in a extension cord, we have the solutions for you.

For our rental company partners - We know that you are only allowed to offer minimal assistance if any when it comes to hooking into a building or other systems. We can give the competitive edge by allowing us to tie into these systems for you. We can also provide a turnkey solution by delivering the unit and all necessary equipment, therfore freeing up your labor force. The same goes with fueling, you dont refuel or have fuel trucks however we do and can perform these tasks for you.

For our customers - we know your systems what it takes to accomplish any task needed to safely and effectively tie in. While others may be scratching their heads or going over drawings, we already have a game plan because we are in your facility and know exactly what to do berofr we even get there. It these reasons and so many more that allow the project or rental to be successful and provides for beneficial cost savings.


Your Next Steps

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Our Services and Solutions

Some of the ways we can help:

* Delivery

* Tie in and installation

* Running of cable, wiring, distribution equipment, etc.

* Fueling services and 24 hour fuel delivery services

* Coordination and project management

* Many more options