Used Equipment Sales

Used equipment has been gaining in popularity in recent years. A driving force is cost. On the average, you can save thousands of dollars versus buying new. In most cases the equipment may only be a couple years old and have less than 200 hours of operation. Imagine buying a car a couple years old with only 12,000 miles. In most cases that is an awesome deal.

Used equipment such as generators are very reliable and can be proven to be 100% operational. On generators if something is broke it has to be fixed in order to operate so there are no "hidden" or "covered up" issues. Then we apply full load to the unit for 2-4 hours or an amount you specify to prove that it is 100% operational.

Alternatively we can help sell your used equipment using various sales channels. We get calls every day for used equipment and also host many online auctions to facilitate getting your equipment sold.

Your Next Steps

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Our Used Equipment Sales Solutions And Services

If your looking to buy used, some of the many ways we can help you are:

* Locating Services

* During the sale support

* After the sale support

* Installation

* Pre and Post Purchase Testing

* Negotiating

* And so much more



If you're looking to sell, we offer:


* Consignment Services

* Marketing Services

* Auction Services

* Market Analysis

* Onsite Storage

* Testing and Reporting

* Technical Support

* Equipment Removal (from your site)

* Load Out and Transportation

* And much more