Transfer Switch and Switchgear Sales

Transfer switch, paralleing Gear,and switchgear sales is a very simple process for us although your needs and requirements may be anything but simple. We excel at this as our staff and knowledge base is so deep we have seen almost everything and our sales engineers are actually trained and come from eth field, not just some industry jumping sales "professional". It's imperative that the system you are purchasing is quoted properly and we give you the added value in knowing the person that is quoting has actually done more than just sold equipment before.

We can provide assistance in all aspects of the purchasing and installation process. Complexity and size is no problem either. We have the experience to power any project you can bring our way.

Your Next Steps

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Transfer Switchs
Three ATS package consisting of 1- 400 amp & 2- 200 amp switches
12,470 VAC Switchgear
Package included two utility feeds and two 2250 KW generators.
480 VAC Paralleling Gear
Package to control 2 utility feeds and 4- 1600 KW generators.

Our Sales Solutions And Services

Some of the many ways we can help you are:

* Pre sales support, planning, engineering, and consulting

* During the sale support

* After the sale support

* Installation or just installation support

* Warranty service

* Commissioning, Start up, and acceptance testing services

* And so much more


* Transfer Switches

- Types: Automatic, Manual, Open Transition, Closed Transition, Isolation Bypass, Service Entrance

- Amperage Ratings: 30 thru 4000

- Voltages: Multiple from 120 to 15kv

- Enclosures: None/Open or NEMA rated 1, 3R, 4, 4X, 12, steel or stainless steel, handle or pad lockable

- Options: switched neutral, 2,3, or 4 poles, remote monitoring and operation, and more


* Switchgear

- Types: Paralleling, Peak Shaving, Soft Loading and Unloading

- Amperage Ratings: Up to 15000

- Voltages: Multiple from 208 to 15kv

- Enclosures: NEMA rated 1, 3R, and custom

- Installation Types: Utility - Utility, Utility - Generator, Multiple Utility - Multiple Generator, Redundancy Systems, And more

- Options: Multiple options and customizing available