Load Bank Testing

A Load Bank is a machine used to create a electrical load. Load bank testing allows us to mimic a full rating load that can confirm the product or equipment being tested can operate at its name plate rating. You can test generators, UPS systems, or anything that can have power flow through it. For generators this is important and often a requirment by governing jurisdictions, authorities, electrical codes and the actual manufacturer to name a few. On UPS systems you can see exactly how much life ths system has before depeliting its stored energy. We also use load banks to test various other products that need to be proven.

There are three common types of load banks. They are resistive, inductive, and capacitive. Both inductive and capacitive loads creates reactance in an AC circuit. Inductive reactance resists the change to current, causing the circuit current to lag voltage. Capacitive reactance resists the change to voltage, causing the circuit current to lead voltage. A resistive load bank is the most common type. The use of grid type resistors creates the load.

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Our Load Bank Solutions

Our load banking capabilities are endless. Weather we are performing routine annul load banking or start up commission testing or proving recenct repairs or upgrades, we are your team. We can supply our own load banks or utlize your facilities load banks. In either event do not trust this possible desctrutive test to untrained companies or employees. This test can literally make or break your equipment and your budget. On any given day we are load banking multiple kilowatts to multiple megawatt sized units. You can trust this testing to our proffesional and trained staff. If you need further information on any aspect surrounding load bank testing; never hesistate to contact us.

* Any KW or MW load banked

* Multiple voltages from single phase 120/240 to three phase 208, 240, 480, 600, 4160, 12470, 13800, and more

* All transformers, cable, and transportation provided

* Testing on generators, UPS systems, Electrical equipment testing and proving

* And a whole lot more.