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Generator Services

Power And Energy Services provides every service possible as it relates to generators. These units may be emergency power, prime power, standby power, power plants, and more. We can provide our services based on our recomendations, your recomendations, code requirements, manufacturer specifications, and more. Your EPSS is a critical part of any electrical system and we have unmatched resources to ensure its proper care.

Our service team is highly skilled in the services and work they provide. Generator systems are very complex. Did you know that most companies send their staff to schools on small generators that are powered by lawnmower engines and then when they pass they are called generator Technicians! Thats not the case here.

As you read about our cabiliteis and services keep in mind that not only do we provde the most robust service offerings but, we also provide the best technical staff and outstanding customer service.

Industry Leading Division Services

Maintenance Services
Sales, Maintenance, Inspections, annual preventitive maintenance, coolant changes, sensor testing, simulated outage testing...Read more
Automatic Transfer Switch Services
Inspections, preventative maintenance, calibrating, infared inspection, bolt and lug tourqe check, repair... Read more
Switchgear Services
Inspections, preventative maintenance, protective relay service, infared inspections, sequence adjustments, repair... Read more
Load Bank Services
Load banking is a requirment of most manufacturers and most codes such as NFPA, JCAHO, NEC...Read more
Rebuild, Retrofit, and Renew Services
If you have a older generator, switchgear, or equipment that is in need of modernization... Read more
Fuel And Fuel System Services
We provide testing, treatment, and cleaning fuel and on the fuel systems lines, pumps, tanks, metering...Read more
Emissions And Exhaust System Services
Emission control systems sales, inspection, testing, claibration, as well as catalytic converter and silencer... Read more
Installation Services
We can install generators, transfer switches, switchgear, and there associated systems as well as intergrate...Read more
NFPA, NEC, JCAHO, and code compliance services
When just following the basic recomdations is not enough, we can provide the compliance services needed ...Read more
Remote Monitoring And Operation Services
Never wonder again what is going on while your away from your generator. We enable you and your team as well as our ... Read more
New Equipment Sales
We are factory direct distributers for multiple products and product lines...Read more
Used Sales, Locating, And Consignment Services
We assist customers find used equipment and also help customers with the sale of their used equipment... Read more
Repair Services
Down time has to be kept to minimum, we provide rapid response and provide repair options and solutions... Read more
Dedicated Customer And Industry Service Teams
Our dedicated teams specialize in industry sectors as some systems require more than...Read more
Equipment Relocation Services
Moving critical peices of equipment requires the proper knowledge and skills that...Read more
Large Fleet and asset Services
Your large fleet or assets require demanding attention from a dedicated team and you require direct and percise ... Read more
Engineering & Consulting
We offer consult, spec, design, and build services as well as project management, Disaster planning, whitness testing... Read more
Emergency & Disaster
Asside from just delivering and hooking up temporary equipment, we also can go as far as managing the whole emergency response effort... Read more
Engine Specific services
While engines perform the same function, they do not always have the same service requirements. Be carefull who you trust ... Read more
Military, Federal, And Local Government
Our experiance and knowledge of systems and there importance in your application... Read more
Advanced And Indepth Testing
Breaker testing, infared scanning, power quality analysis, failure analysis, are a few of the many ways... Read more
Rental Power
We have generators avaible to rent. We also provide power guarantee's to minimize downtime... Read more
OEM Services
Rolling out a new product? Need a technical field representive? Need a product installed at multiple sites?... Read more
Equipment Operation & Management
National, regional, and local customers rely on us to manage their fleet and deploy in emergencies... Read more
Plant Operation & Management
We specialize in onsite manned 24-7 operation, and complete operations management... Read more
Parts Onsite
Never be without a stocked supply of filters and common repair parts. Free yourself from excessive lead times and common failure situations... Read more
Support Services
Important as the equipemt itself, training and support is if not equal, it is actualy more important... Read more
24 X 7 X 365 Always Ready
We are always on call and standing by to assist with any urgent or emergency situaton. We also work on large scale situations or disasters...Read more