Fuel Cell System Sales

Fuel Cell sales is a very simple process for us although your needs and requirements may be anything but simple. We excel at this as our staff and knowledge base is so deep we have seen almost everything and our sales engineers are actually trained and come from the field, not just some industry jumping sales "professional". It's imperative that the system you are purchasing is quoted properly and we give you the added value in knowing the person that is quoting has actually done more than just sold equipment before.

When it comes new equipment purchases, Power And Energy Services has all you need. We have all of the best brands, awesome prices, technical support, engineering support, and the list goes on. Maybe this is why our customers always report 100% satisfaction. To further that, when customers have bought from other vendors, countless times they get frustrated and feed up with them and they call us to handle their issues. Dealing with us from the start has proved to be beneficial in getting your equipment sale or project completed right.

Your Next Steps

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Our Sales Solutions And Services

Some of the many ways we can help you are:

* Pre sales support, planning, engineering, and consulting

* During the sale support

* After the sale support

* Installation or just installation support

* Warranty service

* Commissioning, Start up, and acceptance testing services

* And so much more



* Options

- Sizes: Stacks or modules from 1 kw to 3 mw


- Multiple options and customizing available