Power Plant, Peak Shaving, And Prime Power Services

Power And Energy Services; as a leader in our industry knows the cost of equipment and the importance of aligning the correct services and solutions to ensure the success and longevity of the project and the equipment. Continuous prime power is something we know all too well.

Cost reduction is a big part of our involvement. We help our customers everyday to operate within tight budgets and help find cost savings and improve returns. We also have our own best practices and industry knowledge from our multiple divisions that allow us to help reduce costs. Our buy power reduces costs for operation, maintenance, and repairs. Our technical team and support team offer unmatched resources and knowledge to keep equipment online and reduce down time. Knowledge of latest industry standards and product releases always allows us to stay on top of prolonging the life of the equipment and reinforce the success of the project.

With the industry experience and knowledge that we have, partnering with us as your vendor of choice gives you the ability to call one company for a streamlined process when coordinating these services with a specialty service provider in conjunction with our standard services. Giving our customers access to one of the most diverse networks of specialty service providers, proves to be invaluable to our customers day after day.


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Our Services and Solutions

We can assist, take full control or anything in between when it comes to your power plant. Some examples of projects are:

* Local Peak shaving and prime power production at facilities, plants, power grids, substations, and remote oil and gas facilities.

* Control peak shaving operations remotely or locally to operate onsite generators during peak demands.

* Alternative fuel sites like landfills, waste water treatment facilities, and more.

* Island power plants

* Power sites of customers that need continuous steady clean power such as island resorts.

* Government installations and facilities.



Some of the ways we help:

* Complete management

* Operation management

* Preventive maintenance, inspections, and support only assistance

* Commissioning

* Project sales and installation

* Equipment readiness

* Much more