Equipment And Material Storage Solutions

Power And Energy Services provides multiple options for storage and logistics of equipment. Think about store your equipment at some abandon looking back lot and hope that your equipment is ready to be deployed OR store your equipment at a secure location that is surrounded by people who know how to care for your equipment and can in a matter of minutes provide any necessary assistance you may need. Customers have been utilizing our storage options for years as we provide an abundance of solutions and options that they would never be able to do in house, nor any one competitor could ever dream of matching.

With the industry experience and knowledge that we have, partnering with us as your vendor of choice gives you the ability to call one company for a streamlined process when coordinating these services with a specialty service provider in conjunction with our standard services. Giving our customers access to one of the most diverse networks of specialty service providers, proves to be invaluable to our customers day after day.


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Indoor Storage
Covered Storage
Open Storage

Our Services and Solutions

Here is a look into what options we provide.

What can you store with us:
Equipment - Pretty much anything. Generators, distribution equipment, HVAC systems, Air handlers, Fuel tanks, Compressors, Emergency response trailers and RV's, Equipment trailers, and more.
Supplies - Cable, Ducts, Connectors, Fuel cans, Engine oil, Coolant, Fuel, and more
Emergency Response Supplies: Water and fluids, MRE's, First aid Kits, Cots, Batteries, and more.


Facility Types:
Outdoor, Covered, Indoor, and Climate Controlled


Facility Options:
Site power (for battery chargers, block heaters, etc), 24 hour surveillance camera access, Flexible exhaust piping to run units indoors, Equipment monitor system to alert you of potential problems


Facility Access Options:
For equipment - Standard limited access, 24 hour access, 24 hour monitored access
For supplies - Standard business hour availability, Emergency availability


Storage Operational Types:
Mission Capable (unit operates but is stored without fuel or batteries, etc.), Mission Ready (is ready to go to any site for immediate use), Decommissioned (not in use),New units,  and more.


Storage Services:
24 hour technical support and availability, Inspections and Run ups (operate equipment weekly, monthly, etc. to ensure operability), Maintenance (fluid and filter changes), trailer operation inspections, and more.


Deployment And Return Services (check out and check in):
Provide readiness services, Stage equipment for deployment, Coordination of transportation, Loading and unloading, Delivery, Set up, Return inspections, Fueling services, and more.