Consult, Specify, Design, Build, Manage, Peer Reviews, and Application Engineering

Wow thats a lot of services to offer! We could build webpages for each but lets keep it simple and to the point.

Surly you have seen or scrolled across some or all of the specialized divisions and services we have to offer. When you have requirements that stretch over many products and solutions or just simply have detailed requirements that require a more dedicated engineering team, we have the strength an knowledge you are looking for. No other company can cross engineer across multiple product lines like we can. With Power And Energy Services you can have a dedicated engineer and service team that can network immediately with other division engineers instantly to solve any of your simple to most complex needs.

Providing unmatched value is something that comes naturally to us. When you have been leading the way as long as us, in the field as long as us, in the classrooms as long as us, completing the most complex projects in the industry as long as us; yeah its pretty natural now. We put all of this strength in everything we do. You can merely ask us to draft conceptual specifications, review engineer specs to ensure proper sizing and identify cost savings, or engage us to run an entire project. There is no project to simple or small nor to complex and large.


Your Next Steps

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Our Services and Solutions

Here are some of the many ways we can assist you:

* Complete or individually - concept, design, specify, build, source, install, commission, and maintenance solutions

* Peer reviews of installed equipment or new projects.

* System integration

* Emergency solutions

* Single unit or project solutions or multiple products of different purposes rolling out in thousands of sites

* And many more