Project Management

Some projects require a team that can understand the mission and provide unmatched solution and services to successfully execute and complete the project. Throughout the United States and Caribbean, Power And Energy Services has completed many projects that require the extra effort to ensure success.

Power And Energy Services has assisted customers accomplish many projects of many sizes and of different complexity. We can handle all aspects and phases of your project. While we have the capability to perform most projects, we understand that sometimes you can't choose who will perform the work such as bids and low bidders; however you need still need a independent expert to manage and oversee projects. Our project managers are experts in their trade and can make sure that the project is completed to specifications and we will leave no stone unturned in making sure the project is ready for acceptance. Below is a outline of some of the ways we can help:

* Coordinating and management of multi vendors to provide cross platform services and repairs during planned outages and events.

* Large project management

* Multi site or multi unit project management

* Custom site specific solutions

* One off projects, fabrication, design, tooling, services, and solutions

* Proto type and purpose built projects and equipment services and solutions.


Your Next Steps

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Our Services and Solutions

Some of the assistance our project management and engineering services team can provide:

* Manage single phases or entire projects

* Manage the site layout planning

* Oversee or Perform any necessary assessments

* Equipment and asset sizing and coordinating

* Manage mobilization and transportation

* Manage site preparation

* Manage all trades, contractors, and labor force

* Verify and manage the testing of equipment

* Manage or perform the commissioning of equipment to integrate with existing equipment or needs

* Ongoing management, technical support, on site technicians, and coordination of other project needs

* Manage the close out phase

* And many more services