OEM Product Support, Warranty, And Service Solutions

Our engineering team along with our multiple divisions has the strength to provide many solutions to our OEM customers. We even can build a service team to directly handle your specialized equipment needs. Weather you need someone to handle warranty claims in the field or provide technical field services, we can assist you with every phase of support of your products. In this capacity we are more than just a dealer or distributer, we are your own technical services team.


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Our OEM Services and Solutions

To explain how we help and what we do, we have some scenarios that can further convey our services and solutions:

1. A manufacturer of electrical products had a need for field level engineering, commissioning, warranty, and service agreements. Instead of investing large sums of money into building a service team, they contracted with Power And Energy Services. We built a team of technicians, engineers, and CSR reps to receive training on their product. We then were able to deploy to any site they needed, work with their design engineers and give them a field serve presence that handled national and Caribbean accounts. The support costs and prices were already embedded in their products sales price just as if they had their own service team. And when the warranty work slowed they did not have a massive service staff to pay and support. This flexibility and scalability provided them all they needed to grow to becoming a market leader by having free capital to reinvest in their company.

2. Much like our first scenario, we had a customer with similar needs. Their products eventually grew to a point that they needed traditional local dealers to provide a visual service presence. We established a selection process and became their main distributer and set up dealers for their product in specific segmented markets. By allowing us to manage distribution, they could focus on their products and marketing.

3. This client needed a field service team to oversee projects, install and swap out different products for field level testing and support on newly developed products across the US. We handled all field level support and provided direct feedback directly to their engineering team so they could build and reengineer their products and components to be more reliable. This real world, real time feedback provided cost saving and ensured their product was viewed as the most reliable choice.

4. Our client sold a telecom company thousands of pieces of equipment that was to be installed at cell sites across the Midwest. They needed a solution to oversee and be a liaison so that their products had the proper support. They did not need a dealer network for this one off project nor would the expense of seeking and training multiple dealers be cost effective. They engaged us to handle and manage this one of a kind, on time project.

Some of the ways we can help you are:

* Full product support

* Field support

* Engineering support

* Warranty support

* Product roll out support

* Large or one time project support

* Dealer or Distributer support type options

* Many more options are available