Code Compliance Services

Who's your Authority Having Jurisdiction? Unfortunately some new clients have no idea what this even means. The term may not apply to all but chances are if you don't know who your AHJ is, when they come knocking and you're not ready, you will learn the hard way. AHJ's are those who you need to ensure you are in compliance with when it comes to codes and standards. It's important to know them and to have a company like Power And Energy Services that knows them as well.

There are so many codes out there and unfortunately some equipment owners don't care to invest the resources necessary to make sure they are covered and doing things by the book so to speak. Public buildings, schools, hospitals, emergency service facilities, and so many more facilities are subject to heavy lawsuits not to mention potential harm to human life if your systems are not being maintained to code. We see it all too often, someone gets hurt or killed as a result of a emergency power source not operating correctly and the building owner on the hook for it. It don't have to be that way.

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Our Code Compliance Services and Solutions

You need to team up with Power And Energy Services and let us help you. JCAHO, NFPA, NEC, City, County, State, Federal, and codes from other AHJ's are ones we can help you learn about and be in compliance with. We also tailor our own generator service packages to suite your needs and to keep you in compliance. Some of the ways we can help are:

* Peer Reviews

* Standards writing

* Specification writing

* Operating Procedure writing

* Training

* Hazard Analysis

* Maintenance, operation, and testing procedure writing

* System design assistance

* RE - Commissioning

* Witness testing

* Maintenance compliance packages offered by our service team

* And so much more