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 Power And Energy Services - A leader in everything emergency service related. There are so many ways we can help it is not possible to list them all here. We have extensive experience working in any catastrophe, disaster or emergency situation. We can simply assist with connecting temporary power through our field service team or to the other extreme of running the whole emergency operation. We can help you achieve any mission or requirement.

Our portfolio of projects and our capabilities are a testament to the unmatched service you can expect from Power And Energy Services. Our field service team has literally seen it and worked through it all. Our project management team has managed and co-managed the simplest to the most severe situations. We are ready at a moment's notice to deploy and respond to any need anywhere.

Some projects require a team that can understand the mission and provide unmatched solution and services to successfully execute and complete the project. Throughout the United States and Caribbean, Power And Energy Services has completed many projects that require the extra effort to ensure success. Emergency or disaster natured projects need to be ran by an experienced team, you can count on the getting it right the first time by calling Power And Energy Services.



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Our Services and Solutions

Emergency and Disaster Management for those who have a portable fleet

A lot of our customers have equipment such as a large generator fleet that they use for routine outages, planned jobs or emergencies. Federal and local emergency management agencies, Communications, and our oil customers have a lot of these assets to name a few. We offer a complete line of services to our customers. Below we outline some of the ways we help during emergencies :

* Some customers have a large mobile fleet but do not have a true emergency management team or a large enough labor force to deploy and set the equipment up. They trust us with assisting or running the whole program as we have the capabilities to help them succeed.

* A few of our customers have a emergency management team but need added support at times to help guide and work together on managing the mission.

* We assist certain customers that have management teams by equipment readiness testing at the first threat of a problem and provide loading, mobilization and other services to assist them in deploying working equipment to base camps and disaster sites.

* We assist customers by providing delivery to disaster sites and connecting the equipment as directed.

* To some customer we provide field management to help track equipment and maintenance requirements.

* Some customers contract with us to run the whole program or provide our own assets and run there emergency situations for them.


Emergency And Disaster Management for those with no or limited portable equipment

For those without their own portable fleet we have a bredth of options to assit you. Some of our customers with a few peices of emergency equipment rely on us to deploy an dsupplemnt this equipment as directed. Other customers have no emergency assets of their own and rely on us to provide all equipment and assistance. No matter what your situation is, we can draft up emergency response plans or simply respond to emergencies as they happen. In addition to what you have read above for customers with their own fleet we can provide many additional options for you.

* Choose us as your single source rental and installation vendor - do not go directly to a traditional rental company.

Why? Look there is nothing against them infact we work with a lot of rental companies and assist them with countless projects. We even rent from them as needed. While they are great at providing equipment and delivery of it, the one thing that they do not do is install the equipment. We actually know how your systems work and the proper ways to connect equipment and integrate the temporary equipment with your system. We take the time pre-need if possible and develop a game plan for installation. However if pre-planning was not an option, during an emergency we can respond and tie the equipment in. When you work with us there is one less company to deal with and a clear advantage to working with us on all of your rental needs.

* Emergency Planning - Planning ahead for disasters and emergencies is always recommended. We can develop a plan to ensure successful execution of response activities during an emergency.

* Contingency Plan and Guarantee of Rental - During the threat of a disaster or severe weather condition (not to mention after one), the availability of rental equipment across a region can diminish as everyone hurries up to place equipment on rent. This leaves you vulnerable to the threat. We can help you overcome this. Those who cannot afford to be without power place the needed equipment on a standby rental. This can be on a yearly basis which is more affordable or during a certain season, like hurricane season. Then when the need to mobilize the equipment arises, you have ensured its availability to you at nominal fee which is good insurance and a better alternative to buying your own.




Fee and Contract Management - Our sale steam can negotiate prices and other aspects to help control costs.

Resource Management- Our team can keep a handle on what is needed in the field based on mission requirements or from those tasked with the job of approving when and where equipment is needed.

Inventory Management - There needs to be a stock and supply of parts and other consumables needed for maintenance, sustaining life, and others. We can ensure Inventory is kept secure and the proper levels are maintained to support the mission.

Vendor Management - We can manage vendors that are required for specific tasks.

Accounts Payable Team - Keeping up with the flow of money, invoices and everything else can quickly get out of hand if a solution is not in place as the project starts. We can provide the needed support to ensure your charges are correct and vendors stay paid.

Technical Management Team - You need member on a team that know exactly what the job is and what it will take to do the job. You cant just send people all over and expect them to get the job done effectively especially in an emergency situation. We can make sure that when the field team goes to the sites they are equipped with everything needed to do eth job.

Field Services Team - The ones who really get it done. Our team can handle any situation and can accomplish any task. Our team is divided and built upon their strengths.

Repair First - If you have had a tornado or hurricane cause damage for instance, you may already have a generator, HVAC or other equipment on site. The repair of this equipment should be the first priority and is what our trained team can do. This way you can use your own resources first before having to rent a temporary solution.

Field equipment and base camp equipment that can be deployed:

* Generators

* Power cable and wires

* HVAC and equipment

* Chillers and air handlers

* Pumps

* Light towers

* Campers and RV's

* Diesel fuel tanks

* Distribution equipment

* Material handling equipment

* Cranes

* Delivery trucks

* Sanitary facilities

* And so much more


Some of the additional ways we can help you are:

* Provide supplemental equipment as needed

* Site layout and connection planning

* Perform any necessary assessments

* Equipment and asset sizing and coordinating

* Mobilization and transportation

* Site preparation

* Site set up, construction, and wiring

* Testing of equipment once installed

* Commissioning of equipment to integrate with existing equipment or needs

* Ongoing management, technical support, on site technicians, and coordination of other project needs

* Tear down

* And many more services