24 X 7 X 365 Emergency Response

Emergency response. What does that mean to you or what have you been told to expect from other vendors? If you have a problem in the middle of the night, most would expect to be able to get a on call tech out within a couple hours. We guess that's the standard. What if it's a stormy night or a catastrophe has happened. Where are you in the chain of customers. They say you may get top priority but will you? Or what about this, your unit is down and you have to have power online within a certain amount of time. What is your contingency plan? If the weather is bad outside, can you be 100% certain they will even be able to get to you?

Power And Energy Services is your contingency plan and emergency service provider. We pride ourselves in knowing your system inside and out. We don't just have one technician on call, our whole company is always on call. When you give us a emergency natured call, a lot of wheels get in motion. The manager is notified, the rental coordinator is notified, the crew leaders and first round of on call technicians are dispatched. Overkill? Probably; but we are your support, your back bone, your partner, we cannot let you down. Our systems and best practices are the only one like it in our industry.

The reason for all of this added value you that you get for being a customer is; that's just how we do it. Since we know your system; we know ahead of time what our technicians will encounter and what is at stake if the generator is not repairable at that moment. Every second counts and can cost you money and lives. When our techs arrive they will do a quick assessment and notify the other team members what could possibly be coming down the line. We have only a couple minutes to identify and solve the problem. Once we have found the problem and deemed it non repairable at this time or the clock has expired, we then at the direction of our customer have a rental in route.

Meanwhile, since we have figured all of this out already, those who compete against us still would not have even made it to their customers site; especially in bad weather because WE are the only company whose entire fleet of service, engineer, and management vehicles are 4 wheel drive.


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Our Emergency Services And Solutions

Here is a sample of the services that being a customer of ours allows you access to:

* Pre emergency contingency planning

* Standard operating proceedure planning for emergency situations

* Multiple technician availability

* Access to our exclusive network of 24 hour parts depots

* Access to our mission ready rental equipment

* Access to on call engineers

* Access to our network of vendors to accomplish any task or problem

* Quick response in any situation with our exclusive all 4 wheel drive truck fleet (when other vendors are stuck in the ice or behind fallen trees, we drive right by them; seriously this has happened multiple times!)

* And so much more