Dedicated Industry Teams

Sometimes the complex nature, industry, or size of our customers require a more dedicated solution. Our datacenter customers like knowing there is a team that understands their entire emergency power systems and systems as complex as 60megawatts of redundant power is a everyday thing for their vendor. Our hospital customers enjoy the peace of mind that there is a company that provides industry leading solutions and code compliance services. And our wireless and fiber customers like a one contact solution for deploying a knowledgeable labor force to handle there every need with no worries. How about making a call or sending an email directly to who handles your service requests, repairs, invoicing, and other tasks. Imagine working with a company who you can call and they actually get it.

We have highlighted a few dedicated industry teams we have and we have dedicated customer teams as well. This helps us stay relevant in your industry and has benefits for us but really, It's about our customers. We want you to succeed and be successful in your industries. When we do our job better, things ultimately are better for you. When we lead the way in customer dedication and services and set the mark on being the best; well we are simply setting you up to be the best. Not worrying about what your vendors are doing, how well they are doing and having to micro manage and fine tooth comb everything they do is a huge relief for our customers. We allow you to keep your focus on doing your job. We are your facility engineers and CFO's best friend.

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Our Services And Solutions

Here are some samples of what we can do for you.

Industry dedicated teams such as:

* Emergency Management

* Communications (wireless, fiber, voice line, cable networks, internet service providers, etc)

* Data Centers

* Healthcare

* Security clearance accounts

* Federal government accounts

* Island generator power accounts

* And more

Size dedicated teams such as:

* Customers with hundreds or thousands of sites

* Customers that may not have hundreds of sites but ones that have multiple sites and need a regional or national solution


Multiline product or service teams such as:

* Customers that have multiple sites and need a solution that incorporates taking care of multiple tasks such as generators, UPS systems, HVAC systems, shelter or site maintenance, fuel system maintenance, etc.

We construct solutions for our customers. This is only a sample and is nowhere close to being inclusive of what we do. The big picture here is we have what it takes to accomplish whatever your needs are.