Military, Federal, And Local Government

Power And Energy Services has been servicing contracts for all government types since its start of business. Our extensive knowledge of operation, budget restraints, security clearance, and site access requirements allows us to better serve you and provide unmatched success and ease for all of our customers. As you scroll through our web pages and find all of the equipment we service and what services we can provide to you, we await your request for proposal and welcome the opportunity to provide you outstanding service.

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Our Experience

States and Local Government and Municipalities Experience:

911 Call Centers, Prisons and correctional facilities, Airports, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Communication facilities and towers, Data centers, Water and Sewer Systems, City Halls, Transportation Departments, Television Sites, Education and Universities, Housing, Health facilities, Port Authority, and more.

Federal Government Experience:

Federal buildings, Administration buildings, Correctional institutions, Data centers, Communication facilities and towers, Housing, Embassies, Department of Homeland security, FEMA, Customs and Border Patrol, TSA, FAA, Airports, NASA, GSA, and more.

Military Experience:

Air Force, Marines, Army, Army Corps of Engineers, Navy, Coast Guard, and National Guard. We cannot list every site or installation, but here are a few: Administration facilities, Bases, Communication stations and towers, Command centers, Operations facilities, and more.