Large Fleets Maintenance, Operation, And Managment

Power And Energy Services provides maintenance, operation, and management of your single piece of equipment all the way through fleets of 10,000 plus pieces of equipment. We can simply provide inspection services or do as much as providing highly comprehensive and complex management. The extent of our scope can be catered to meet every one of your needs. Our management team works with our specialized service divisions to bring you exceptional solutions on Generators, HVAC systems, Pumps, Light Towers, Buildings / Shelters, Grounds Maintenance and other equipment.


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Our Fleet Services and Solutions


Here is a brief sample of what we can do:


Maintenance And Repair Services

We visit your sites and equipment on a predetermined frequency (i.e. yearly, quarterly, monthly, etc.) and provide maintenance and inspections. We quote repairs as needed and are always on call 24x7 to respond to any situation or need you or your equipment has. In this scenario the equipment and contract is managed by you and facilitated by us.


Portable Equipment Management

We can provide all of the service and repair requirements but we also provide different levels of management of these assets. Some of the management services we can provide is tracking, storage, deployment, installation, and more. You can check out our management page for more options.


Equipment Storage

We can provide outdoor, indoor, and climate controlled storage of your assets. You can access them anytime and they are at our doorstep to provide fast response to emergencies. We also can provide weekly run ups to ensure they are always 100% mission capable. Please check out our equipment storage page for more details on our storage options.

Some of the ways we can help you are:

* Preventitive Maintenance (changing of oil oil filters, fuel filters, coolant filters, air filters, etc.)

* Inspections (checking the overall condition and operation)

* Repairs (providing all troubleshooting and parts)

* Unlimited frequancy of our services (i.e. yearly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)

* Tracking of assets using LAN, GSM, and Satalite for location, run time, faults, and performance

* Emergency preparedness (asset preping, stratigic pre placement, and deployment)

* Emergency and disaster repsonse (check current assets, delivery emergency assets, installation of assets)

* Emergency and disaster management (pre situation coordiantion and planning; during emergency plan implimatation; post emergency on going maintenance, fueling, and support; end of emergency site repair, temporary asset removal and retrun to storage, ready asstes for next emergency.

* Many more options are available