Our Customers

There is probably not one industry we do not maintain equipment in. In some industries we even have a dedicated staff just for those customers to ensure unmatched success with their mission critical environments. Weather you fall into one of these or not, we want you to know that we have you covered. You could be a small business with only one 5kw generator all the way to a customer with power requirements in the multiple megawatt range. It does not matter to us.

Our connections with the smallest of customers are valuable to us. While other vendors only really care about how big or how much customers have, with Power And Energy Services we promise you will never feel unimportant or put on the "back burner". Every equipment has its purpose and every customer relies on that piece of equipment in similar ways. Rely on Power And Energy Services for all of your needs.


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Our Services And Solutions

Here are some samples of what we can do for you.

* Any size of equipment or any number of peices; it don't matter

* Any customer or industry type

* If we service it, we got you covered