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Power And Energy Services under one roof provides sales, service, and all solutions on an extensive array of equipment. Equipment includes: Generators, UPS, Fuel Cells, Engines, Turbines, HVAC, Switchgear, Transfer Switches, and more, a lot more!

On this equipment; brand, size, location, and arrangment does not matter as we are trained on every brand. We have a presence in almost every region in North America.

A quick glimpse of Power And Energy Services

We are a leader in multiple industries that all relate to the design, control, supply, and maintenance of emergency back up systems, back up power supplies, HVAC, and site services. We continually strive to set the pace and standards for our industry. Our innovative culture, hard work, and dedication to our customers, employees, and vendors has driven our rise to the top. We get asked from time to time "who are your competitors" or "who do you compete with", and the answer is very simple - We compete with no one, there are just those who dare compete against us.

Chances are great if you are not working with us yet, you are losing big time. How? Our value is almost impossible to duplicate. We pride ourselves in being the most cost effective while providing great customer service, knowledge, and technical capabilities. Our solutions are comprised of fair prices, excellent response times, less down time, resolutions and a driven team that will absolutely blow your expectations away. There is really no limitation as to the scope, size, and location of what we do. Let us show you service after service how it should be done.

As you review our website, we trust that you will find we offer the services and solutions that will meet your needs. We maintain equipment for every industry and government sector. Some locations are prime power units on islands, landfills, commercial buildings, data centers, hospitals, and fire stations. For the government we work at secured clearance required facilities, classified locations, disaster sites, chemical weapons facilities, and more. When loss of power is not an option, your profitability, production, and in some cases your life is probably in our hands; shouldn't your equipment be too?