Parts Onsite

Parts On Site is a one of a kind innovative and exclusive solution by Power And Energy Services to provide even more reliability and lees down time for your equipment. It is also another great reason to be a customer with the industry leader. Things are going to break, that's just the way it is. Be prepared for the most common failures as well as all maintenance tasks. This also helps provide a solution to when a failure happens after hours and all parts depots are closed; having commonly failed parts on hand can provide for reduced trips and prevent the need for renatl equipment . This cost reducing, proactive solution is ready to be implemented at your site today.

How it works is real simple. We custom tailor an inventory based on your needs, budget, and recommendations. We then provide a parts cabinet that is lockable and will be centrally located to your generator or other equipment. We then stock it. As the need to top fluids off or urgent repairs arise; you will be prepared for most situations to keep your equipment going. We will restock the inventory to maintain your predetermined quantities once notified or while inspected when we are already onsite performing services.

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Our Services And Solutions

Examples of what can be stocked:

* Maintenance materials such as filters and fluids. Additional fluids for topping off. Filters are for emergencies and will be rotated out during annual services with new stock.

* Fuses, relays, breakers and other devices that tend to fail more frequently.

* Hoses, belts, radiator cap, clamps, light bulbs, and more.

* Power And Energy exclusive custom bypass hose assemblies to provide a permanent or temporary fix.

* More critical parts such as voltage regulators, injectors, injection pumps, control boards, starters, alternators and more are also available.

* Supplies such as rags, absorbents, spill kits, cleaners, and more.

* Manual or AC diesel pump incase of tank pump failure.

* Many more options and parts available.